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5 Tips For a Girls Break On The Cheap


The economy may be wobbly sometimes; in fact at times you may have to sacrifice your holiday because the destination you are hopping to travel to is unaffordable. Well, it is time to think outside the box and head to the lesser visited areas, you may be surprised at how affordable yet intriguing places. Off the beaten track destinations are less crowded which means you and your girls group can enjoy luxurious accommodations on the cheap.

If you are looking for incredible cities, Russia is the ideal locations. With some of the world’s richest and oldest cities reside here, displaying the magnificence of the old order. From hallowed monasteries to imposing Kremlins, Russia has far more than just what Moscow and St. Petersburg have to offer.

View of St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, Russia Photo by JackVersloot, Creative Commons

View of St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, Russia Photo by JackVersloot, Creative Commons

Alternatively, try Uzbekistan this year. Though not very popular, this off the beaten track destination will offer you some of the region’s most authentic experiences. Here, you explore relics of dominant ancient cities as well as the lifeline of Asia’s trade, the Silk Road, perfectly juxtaposed against a country redefining itself in modern times. For beaches and unique desert experiences, Oman is Arabia’s best kept secret. Startling and intoxicating, the beauty on display here is well worth the trip.


Nothing beats the thrill of a girly city break; there is the partying, visiting attractions and eating out in the company of your girlfriends whom you may not even have seen for ages. It may be a group of friends from high school, college or even colleagues, there is a lot to catch up on and the fun could be endless. To make it more adventurous and fun, buy city passes to cut off on travel costs from one attraction to the next, get discounts in certain restaurants and avoid queues in major attractions so you can have more time to have fun. In places like Paris and London city passes can make you a significant saving.


Group travel insurance is a policy that covers an entire group for travelling abroad for the same trip, the people to do not necessarily have to be related. Getting group travel insurance for your girly break is likely to save you money s compared to single trip policies for individuals.  Group travel insurance covers a number of things such as cancellations, luggage, medical emergencies and lost money or possessions. However, if you are to participate in certain activities such as surfing, hiking and diving, you may have to check the exclusions or the amount of money you may have to add to buy such premiums.


Well, there may be the hype of people travelling to certain destinations during holiday seasons, this leads to an increase in airfares and accommodation as the institutions offering these services and other travel related agencies are there to make profits. Avoid the hustles of crowded airports, the overbooked hotel rooms and overcharging of transport costs by travelling during off seasons, after all, the attractions will still be there even after all the holiday hype is over.


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It is fun when girls eat out in restaurants catching up on latest gossip, but to keep the costs down, it is better to picnic in scenic places such as parks and along the beaches. This will still be a brilliant idea, each girl preparing a different dish in your villa or cottage and later setting up a picnic and eating together and catching up with the juicy details of life.

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  1. Suki F says:

    I loved the picnic part. it is extremely cheap and fun to get street food and head over to a park.

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