Inspiration for 2012

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Inspiration for 2012

So why do I love Paris? Let me count the ways . . . Here are my top 12 reasons to love Paris.
1. The fashion

Top 12 Paris Inspirations: Parisian style


2. Rides through the streets on a Vespa
The joys of Paris on a Vespa

Photo: Elle Magazine Tumblr.

3. French chocolate
Chocolate in Paris

Photo: Little Brown Pen.

4. The cafés
Cafés in Paris

Photo: Little Brown Pen.

5. The romance of it all
Scooter love in Paris

Photo: Romantic Love Pictures.

6. The style
Parisian style

A painting of Kiki de Montparnasse by Gustaw Gwozdecki.

7. The bread
Bread and Paris go hand in hand

Photo: Little Brown Pen.

8. The best metro system in the world
The Paris metro


9. Aimless walks along the streets
Gustave Caillebotte painting


10. The history
Paris history

A photo of Kiki de Montparnasse by Man Ray.

11. The florists
Florists in Paris


12. The croissants
Croissants in Paris


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