Paris Fashion: Bitonal Chords

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Paris Fashion: Bitonal Chords

The Parisians are masters of subtlety when it comes to Paris Fashion – their laid-back look always looks effortless and sophisticated.
mondefileWhat better way to channel the look yourself than by integrating a subtle two-tonal colour pop into your wardrobe ?
mondefile4Less brash than the neon color pops found on the streets of New York or London, the Parisians continue to lay claim to their characteristic monochrome color palettes while accessorizing their looks with royal blues, pale pastels, or deep jewel tones.
Channel the trend with these two ensembles by authentic French designer Armance Rotceig.
The Washed Silk Bitonal Blouse and Short Leather Skirt create a predominantly blue look with flashes of urban matte black, while the Crepe Bitonal Tank Top and Crepe Bitonal Women’s Trousers add hints of blue to freshen up a monochrome colour palette.
Silk Bitonal Blouse
Short Leather Skirt 
Bitonal Tank Top
Bitonal Women’s Trousers 

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