Tips for Solo Female Travel

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Tips for Solo Female Travel

As a woman who has done a fair amount of traveling alone, there are things you need to be aware of when traveling solo. Different cultures mean different norms for locals and visitors. But fear not! Solo female travel is rewarding and fun, there are just a few key things to be aware of.

Follow these simple tips and watch your confidence and travel skills gain a major boost.

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TIP #1: 

Know the ideas, values, and laws that apply to women in the country you are traveling to. Don’t get caught by surprise upon arrival. Instead, take a moment to do some research online about local customs and things to be aware of when you arrive. It’s fun to learn about other cultures and will help you enjoy your stay more.

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TIP #2:

Be smart first and nice later. Avoid awkward situations by trying to be nice first. When traveling alone it’s important to put your street smarts first. For example, many countries like Morocco love bargaining in sales. Instead of just smiling and paying a high rate for clothing or artwork. Instead, think about the real price you are willing to pay and bargain with that in mind. Many cultures respect and enjoy these types of sales.

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TIP #3: 

Protect your documents, credit cards, and cash. Make sure you have a copy of everything. It’s better to feel safe and secure knowing everything is already organized and ready instead of finding yourself in a difficult situation later.

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TIP #4: 

Pack light! There are no guarantees on what transportation will be like where you are going. Carrying a heavy bag that doesn’t roll can be challenging. Bringing too many bags or bags that are not easy to move around with leave you vulnerable to unsolicited help. Some people are truly nice but some may take advantage of the fact that you are alone and run off with something. Traveling light keeps you safe from these headaches.

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TIP #5: 

The last tip for women traveling solo is to let your friends and family know where you are before you go out. Just send a quick text or phone call to let people know what your plans are for the night or day. You should always be aware of your plans so you can tell people in advance, so they can help you if need be.

As mentioned above solo female travel is an excellent and rewarding choice. You are free to explore how and when you want as well as meet new friends along the way! So don’t shy away from the idea of traveling alone. Instead, embrace it and enjoy learning about new countries and yourself through your solo adventures.

About the Author:

Mundey Young is an international life and business coach. As a coach, she loves working with clients to ensure that they have the necessary skills, support, and compassion that they need to achieve their goals, become one with themselves, and live the life that they’ve always envisioned. Follow her on Instagram.

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