Our Authentic Responsible Travel Code of Ethics

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Girls’ Guide to Paris & Beyond is proud to be a part of the global Authentic Responsible Travel movement. We believe the way you travel and the choices you make along the way are just as important as where you go.


Our trips are focused on engaging with the local people and culture in the places we visit. When we understand and honor the way other people experience the world – their histories, food, language, customs, values, and priorities – we appreciate their perspective. Suddenly, our differences seem superficial yet beautiful, and the commonality of our human experience reveals the connection that binds us together.


When we travel, we’re visiting a place that’s someone else’s home. So we strive to make sure our effect on their home is a positive one. We consider and try to minimize our negative impact on the environment and the culture we’re there to learn about, and maximize the economic benefit for local people.


We hope you’ll join us in embracing these common values as we explore our world.


Our travel code of ethics:

Led by our founder’s internal compass with input from organizations like Journeywoman (we’re a member of the advisory council), our commitment to Authentic Responsible Travel can be seen in every trip we lead.

1. We look to get off the beaten path to discover the true character of a place, as represented by the people who live there and the traditions they live day-to-day. When we do go to a popular area, we try to go off-season or during a shoulder-season so we’re not contributing to tourist over-crowding.

2. We strive to be responsible and thoughtful about our impact on the environment and our treatment of living beings. We believe in a deep respect for all humans, animals, plants and our mother earth.

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3. As a woman-owned business, we strongly be we strongly believe in supporting other women and girls, whether that’s a street-side memelita seller in Oaxaca or an organization like Beads for Education that’s working to improve the status of women in Kenya through education and women’s business development.

4. We take a deep interest in the culture of the places we visit; we don’t just check off sights seen. We love to sit down and break bread with a local, learn their customs and at least a few words of the language. We are guests not tourists. Discovery of the country we are visiting is all about its people, the history of the country, tasting its food and drinking its spirits.

5. We keep our hearts and minds open.

6. Safety and security are absolutely key, but we don’t let fear lead us.

7. When we fly, we will calculate and offset our carbon omission by making a contribution to save the earth and counteract climate change.

8. We treat our fellow lady travelers as our sisters from another mother, knowing that behind every face there’s an intriguing story waiting to be heard.


9. We won’t stay in a big chain hotel that’s trying to create a homogenous experience no matter where you are. Instead, we select lodging that’s representative of the places we visit – a private Chateau, a traditional Japanese ryoken or a welcoming but luxurious, independently owned boutique hotel.

10. We appreciate little luxuries like fine wines and turn-down service, but we can put on our big girl pants and roll own suitcase when we need to.

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11. We say a prayer to our inner-goddess, and treat ourselves and our sisters like princesses. But we also act like the CEO’s of our own lives. We are never helpless and we can be righteous warriors.

12. We understand that travel is all about discovery. We keep an open mind to new places, new food, new people, new ways of doing things, and the ever-evolving world around us.

13. We remain grateful for the opportunity knowing how few people in the world have the means to travel. It is a true privilege.