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Girls’ Guide trips are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to experience France and the rest of the world with a small group of like-minded women. We travel well, but stay connected to the essence of each place. You’ll meet local wine-makers and oyster farmers, go truffle hunting and take sleigh rides, see magnificent gardens and stay in Chateaux. You’ll learn about your fellow travelers and learn about yourself. We tell stories, and we laugh and laugh and laugh.

About Our Trips

  • At Girl’s Guide, we’re all about camaraderie & bonding
  • We love adventure, knowledge and discovery
  • We value kindness, down-time and little luxuries
  • We delight in new-found friends, experiences and insight
  • We celebrate diversity,  in age, background and thought
  • We are globally minded
  • We don’t shy away from new tastes and smells
  • We appreciate good wine, wonderful food  (not to mention turn-down service at hotels)
  • Discovery excites us
  • Meeting new people intrigues us
  • A beautiful doorway or a vibrant vista inspires us
  • And we always say a big merci for all that life has to offer us
  • We meet as strangers and leave as friends

Why women only?

Women traveling together and discovering a new place with a small group (6-12) is a completely different experience than going on your own or with a larger mixed group. While many of the women who travel with us are traveling alone, they’re no solo for long. As soon as you arrive, you’ll be greeted by a bevy of new friends. After our first glass of wine on night one, the stories and laughter begin. By the end of the week, people have made life-long friends. Watching this beautiful connection happen, for me, is the magic of Girls’ Guide to Paris & Beyond.

Do you just go to Paris?

NO, but it all began with a trip to Paris, showing women the beauty and unique sensibility of the City of Light, taking them to places and creating experiences you can’t find in a guide book. But there are so many other wonderful areas of France, so we expanded to create unique, highly-curated trips of small groups of women traveling together through Burgundy, Provence, Bordeaux, the Loire Valley, Normandy & Brittany, Alsace and the undiscovered Aveyron. Those trips were so successful, ladies asked for more! We’re now going around the world presenting women-only trips in Europe (France, Italy, UK, Ireland, The Netherlands, Greece, Switzerland, Croatia & Slovenia, and Estonia), Africa (Morocco, Kenya, and South Africa), Asia (Bali, Japan, Mongolia, Vietnam, Bhutan, Laos, India, and Sri Lanka) and the Americas (Mexico, Honduras and the Napa/Sonoma valleys).  And we’re adding new trips to new countries every year. If you want to go someplace we’re not already visiting, let us know!

What are your trips like?

We try to find the essence of every place we visit. It’s in the food, the wine, the architecture, the natural beauty, and most importantly, in the people. These are luxury trips for discerning travelers. But we’re not chasing luxury for luxury’s sake. We always eat and drink extremely well, but mix it up between local cafes/bistros and Michelin star restaurants. We stay in chateaux and castles, and also farm houses and private homes. We go truffle hunting; we meet with authors and artists; we drink wine with boat captains. These are trips for those ladies who would never be caught dead on a guided bus-driven trip with 30 strangers.

Do you support Authentic Responsible travel?

Girls’ Guide to Paris & Beyond is proud to be a part of the global Authentic Responsible Travel movement. We believe the way you travel and the choices you make along the way are just as important as where you go. Read more about our commitment to Authentic Responsible Travel and our Travel Code of Ethics here.

What’s the background of the women who travel?

The ladies who take our trips come from all backgrounds, ethnicities and nationalities. All of our clients either have English as their first language or speak English comfortably.

While others may organize trips based on age, we believe that’s unnecessarily limiting. Our travelers range in age from 23 to 83, with the majority being 40-65. But I’m always amazed at the close connections made between the 25 and the 75-year-old. It’s almost magical. It’s precisely this mix of women from different countries and at different points in their lives that I believe makes our trips so unique and special. Women of all ages know how to bond, and nurturing that process is what Girls’ Guide is all about. This connection and bonding experience is powerful and it feels empowering for all involved.

How many people are on a trip?

Our trips are small, varying between 6 and 12 people with the norm being 6-8. Each trip specifies the minimum and maximum numbers for the trip.

Do people come solo or bring friends/family?

About 75% of our intrepid travelers are women traveling alone. They’re single or widowed, married with husbands who can’t or don’t want to travel, or just want a new experience. The balance are mothers & daughters, sisters, and close friends who travel together. Many come back for their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th trips.

Does everyone have their own room?

All our trips are organized and priced based on single occupancy at all the places we stay. If you’re traveling with a friend/relative, or would prefer to save some money by sharing a room, we can often organize double occupancy at a reduction in cost. Occasionally, when we stay in private Chateaux properties that are older homes, some might need to share a bathroom. You will always be informed of this beforehand and normally we will offer a price reduction to all those who sign up to share bathrooms.

Can you accommodate my dietary or physical restrictions?

As long as we know ahead of time, we can accommodate almost any dietary restriction. On most trips, we’re moving around so you’ll need to be able to walk a few miles over the course of a day. If you have any concerns just ask us!

I think I want to go! What’s next?

We like to talk to everyone who’s interested in a trip. Information on our website only takes you so far. We want to make sure you get all your questions answered. Plus, this is a very personal experience. Spending a few minutes on the phone is a great way to begin to get to know one another. Please reach out to us via our Contact form and we’ll schedule a call with you.

Once you decide it’s a go, we invoice you 35% of the trip cost as a deposit. The balance is due 2 months before the trip departs. At that time, we hold a group video conference call to talk about the nitty gritty details: train times, transfers, what to pack, what to wear, weather, converters, phone connectivity, WhatsApp and photo sharing, etc.

What’s your cancellation policy?

Our Cancellation Policy can be found here.

What happens if I have a medical emergency during the trip?

When you leave your home country, your health insurance might not travel with you. Prior to traveling, we highly recommend that you purchase travel medical insurance that covers you for the length of your trip. Travel medical insurance is temporary coverage that pays for emergency medical expenses, evacuations, and provides 24/7 assistance to help you when you’re traveling. If you are over 50 years old, we mandate that you purchase travel medical insurance so you and our trip leaders can rest assured that you’ll be taken care of should the unforeseen happen. (See our Travel Insurance page or buy your own insurance from a trusted source).

Do I need vaccinations or other health tests?

Many countries require vaccinations and/or other health tests (e.g. negative PCR test) as a requirement for entering the country. We require everyone traveling with us to conform to the entry requirements of each country we visit. While it is everyone’s right to decide whether or not they want to receive a vaccination or perform any other health-related procedure, whether it’s for Covid-19 or any other contagious disease or medical condition, the failure to or decision not to meet the entry requirements of a country will prohibit you from joining the trip and does not qualify as a travel restriction that is the basis for a refund.

Please review the CDC website for the recommendations and guidance they provide for each country you’re joining us in. To help ensure your immunity, the CDC recommends that you get any vaccinations at least 1 month before you travel.

What documentation do I need to bring?

Don’t forget your Passport. It’s the one item that’s tough to replace. Please be sure you have enough empty pages without stamps in your passport and that it is good for a full 6 months after the date you return from your trip.


Yes we work with partners, resellers and travel agents. Please contact us at if you want to work with us.

Women Who Travel Love Girls’ Guide Trips!

Tripadvisor Loves Us!

“Ladies come on our trips as young as 23 to as wise as 83. They come alone or with a friend or relative, from all over the US, Australia, Canada, as well as expats living in Europe and Asia. What’s wonderful is that the mix always seems to work. For me, it’s this coming together of different people from far and wide, then getting to know one another and leaving as friends who often will keep in touch and come on subsequent trips … this is the magic that women create together and for me, it’s what these trips are really all about”.


Founder GG2P

“Since returning from the Provence trip with Doni Belau, I’ve needed time to let the memories settle in before reviewing the experience.What a trip…..

Doni did not disappoint. She has deep connections in France and loves what she does. It shows in the experiences she plans and in the enthusiasm she brings to each day’s pursuits. A magical moment: Doni pulling the van to the side of the road when we came upon beautiful fields of poppies…. because she said we could NOT pass up the opportunity to stand among the poppies and pose for pictures. Her joie de vivre and sophistication are beautifully balanced and nothing seems to ruffle her feathers. She is living vicariously through those new to an area that she already knows well — and she is excited to share it.

So glad we booked this trip. The memories we made will truly last a lifetime.


New Jersey

“Thank you for the wonderful experience we all shared this past week in Bordeaux. Exceptional. It was beyond any of my expectations. Doni, you are truly remarkable at what you did with all the planning and delivery. I am so happy I could be a part of it all.”



“A wonderful trip to the Provence region of southern France. We were 12 women who started the trip either on our own knowing no one else or with a friend or two – and came away with an amazing group of new friends. Doni organized and escorted us on this fabulous trip that included wonderful accommodations, great trips and activities and lovely dinners in some of the most outstanding restaurants in the region. We enjoyed leisurely walks through gorgeous villages, antique shopped, picked and stomped grapes at a private winery, learned about truffle hunting and enjoyed a tasting, participated in a cooking class, visited Avignon and had a private trip of the Pope’s palace, visited a ceramic studio and learned about Picasso’s unique ceramics, enjoyed a bike ride and a picnic and visited a local farmer’s market. It was a wonderful week of discovery. Doni’s knowledge of the region paired with her great sense of fun, adventure and impeccable organization made this a trip of a lifetime. I can’t wait to join another of her trips.



“This business is a love for Doni, not a necessity, and I think that’s absolutely what sets her apart. These trips are not something she does every week, or every month, and they haven’t become routine for her. They are her passion and it comes through.”



“If you are thinking about taking a Girls’ Guide to Paris trip ~ stop thinking and do it now! I made my reservation on a whim and it resulted in the best travel experience I have had so far..”


Los Angeles

I adore Paris, and when I had to visit the UK for an old friend’s wedding, I jumped at the chance to add Paris into my travel plans.

When I found out about the Girls’ Guide to Paris I reworked my travel dates and booked. I am so glad I didn’t hesitate or waffle, because the Exclusive Paris from a Women’s Point of View with Georgianna Lane as our photography expert and tutor was beyond anything I could have ever hoped for



I am officially besotted (with France) thanks to you and the amazing experience you provided. You truly changed my life and I am forever grateful



Happy, well fed, enlightened, and looked after with care and finesse. It was indeed a trip of a lifetime!”



Thanks so much for everything, it was a wonderful trip! I’ll remember it always.



“Still can’t believe the trip of a lifetime is over. How did we get so lucky? I miss you all.”


Raleigh NC

“Experience Provence with Doni, a fun-filled week visiting beautiful villages, amazing food & wine, and a lifetime of special memories you wouldn’t experience otherwise.”


Melbourne, Australia


“A fantastic group of women; never met them before, had no idea who they were. There were no divas, all very accommodating…really lovely. I’m hoping we’ll all book Provence next.
Thank you, Doni Belau for putting this all together.”



“I want to write and add my two cents about the trip (Aveyron) We couldn’t have asked for a better group! Everyone was so interesting and open; and the different personalities made for a wide range of conversation and laughter.

I haven’t had a chance to go thru my pictures yet to remember the stunning sights we saw, tasty food we ate, and sounds and MUSIC we heard. From the Soulages Museum to the personal hospitality of Bobbi and Richard’s home–too many to recount.

Thank you to Doni and Katrin for steering our adventure. Thank you to the entire group for the companionship and warmth that made the trip truly special.”